Harmony with
Human, Nature, Technology


Daepyung pursues the balance of people, nature, and technology.

Benefits for employees

  • 01

    Congratulations and condolences

    Expenditure and holidays for
    family affairs, birthdays, anniversary days

  • 02


    Long-term employees and
    excellent employees

  • 03

    Leisure facilities

    Lotte Resort, Mungyeongsaeje Resort,
    and Daemyeong Condo

  • 04

    Educational support

    Support for job training, language training, and other educational costs,
    as well as children’s education

  • 05

    Support for employee clubs

    Assistance of activities by employee clubs

  • 06

    Fringe benefits

    Winter work clothes

  • 07


    Outdoor activities (Spring and fall picnic and athletic programs)