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Daepyung pursues the balance of people, nature, and technology.

Other food

Daepyung manufactures various food ingredients to meet customer requirements, based on the accumulated refining and preparation technology and quality assurance capability.
Category Product Specifications Features Uses
Other food ingredients Vitamin B1 Lauryl Sulphate Vitamin B1 Lauryl Sulphate 100% Nutritional supplements (antibacterial agents) Kimchi pickles
Bean pastes
Vitaten A Vitamin B1 Lauryl Sulphate, Alcoholic drinks and purified water Supplements (antibacterial agents)
Steviten Sweet G Sodium saccharin and purified glucose Mixing agents Pickles
Steviten Aspa L-asparagine 100% Asparagine Alcoholic beverages and hangover curing drinks
Tomatin Tomatin 100% Natural sweetener Alcoholic beverages
Functional health foods
MD90 Tomatin and dextrin Mixing agents