Harmony with
Human, Nature, Technology

R&D Center

Daepyung pursues the balance of people, nature, and technology.

R&D Center

Daepyung's R&D center was established in 1999 as Daeyung’s corporate research institute to develop new natural materials such as food ingredients and additives, cosmetics ingredients, and pharmaceutical ingredients.
We are researching and developing a wide range of new natural substances through our outstanding research staff, cutting-edge research equipment, and networks with renowned R&D institutes. We are expanding the R&D programs to biotechnology based on our advanced separation and refining technology.

We will continue to focus on developing high value-added new products and new materials that can be recognized domestically and internationally by training R&D professionals and through continuous technology innovation.

Research Areas

  • Development of preservatives
  • Development of sweeteners for sugar substitutes
  • Development of cosmetics materials
  • Development of drug substances through partnerships with major pharmaceutical companies
  • Proposal and execution of national projects
  • Development of materials using biotechnology
  • Cultivation and breeding of stevia

Core Technologies


Technology based on
field experience


Production of the
world’s best
stevia sweetener


Total service, fulfilling customer


Specialized technology related to
natural extracts


  • 2002: Production of high-content licorice extract
  • 2006: A method for isolation and purification of matairesinol and arctigenin from Forsythiae Fructus (Forsythiaviridissima Lindley)
  • 2008: The complex extract of Myristica fra grans Houtt, Cinnamomum cassia Blume, and Alpinia officinarum Hance, the antibacterial activity fraction isolated, the preparation method, and uses thereof
  • 2009: Method for production sweet-improved enzymatically modified stevia
  • 2011: New plant variety of Stevia rebaudiana Bertoni containing high rebaudioside-A and breeding method thereof
  • 2013: Natural Origin Sweetener for Improving Sweetness, and Preparing Method of Alcoholic Liquors Using the Same
  • 2015: Method for production of sweet-improved enzymatically modified stevia sweetener
  • 2018: Sweetener comprising sweet-improved enzymatically modified stevia composition

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