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Glycyrrhizic Acid Salts

These are glycyrrhizin acid derivatives produced by converting licorice extracts into specific salts.
Category Product Specifications Features Uses
Glycyrrhizin acid
Steviten Lico AMG Ammonium Glycyrrhizate 96% or higher White powder Skin anti-inflammation
Anti-dermatitis defense agent
Skin anti-allergenic
Steviten Lico DPG Dipotassium Glycyrrhizate 96~102% White powder
Steviten Lico SG Stearyl Glycyrrhetinate 95~102% White crystalline powder
It has excellent anti-inflammatory and anti-allergenic properties and is used as a skin anti-inflammatory and dermatitis control agent. It is also widely used in lotions, skin products, and massage creams.
These salt products show several times more potency than the raw licorice extracts.

Natural Plant Extracts

Category Product Specifications Features Uses
Natural plant extracts Extracts of Perillae semen Extracts of Perillae semen 1.0% Orange liquid Stimulation relief, anti-inflammation, and antihistamine
This natural component extracted from plants has stimulation relieving, anti-inflammatory, and antihistamine properties, and is used in basic cosmetics and hair care products.