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Human, Nature, Technology

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Daepyung pursues the balance of people, nature, and technology.

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Natural is the Basis of Daepyung’s spirit.


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Since established as a manufacturer of the natural sweetener stevioside in 1993, Daepyung continues to grow to be the world’s largest manufacturer of stevia products through continuous business innovation and R&D.

We opened our R&D center in 1999 and have expanded our scope of research and development to biotechnology, with our experienced employees and advanced natural product separation and refining technology. The R&D center focuses on the research and development of various new natural materials.

As we celebrated our 10th anniversary in 2003, we entered the pharmaceutical business to contribute to improving public health. We are currently expanding our B2C business, following the recent launch of “Hogam”, our brand of stevia natural sweetener for households.

Daepyung’s growth and competitiveness have been recognized publicly, selected as ‘World's Best Small and Medium Enterprises’ by Gyeongsangbuk Province, ‘Emerging Small and Medium Exporter’ by the Korea SMEs and Startups Agency, ‘Ten Million Dollars Export Tower’, and ‘Next-Generation World’s Premium Product Manufacturer’. We pledge to do our best to become a world-class technology innovation company that satisfies customer needs and contributes to happiness and health of humankind through the harmony of nature and technology.

Co-CEOs, Daepyung Kim Kyung-jae and Kim Dong-ju