Harmony with
Human, Nature, Technology

Production Facilities

Daepyung pursues the balance of people, nature, and technology.

Hamchang Plant

Daepyung’s Hamchang Plant features equipment suitable for producing the highest level of stevia sweetener, food additives, raw materials for cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals (BGMP). As a comprehensive manufacturer of natural additives, we operate using the best facilities to provide perfect customer satisfaction.

Production Equipment

Daepyung selects and manages raw materials under strict standards to ensure the production of high-quality products. We strive to fulfill our customers' requirements with eco-friendly production processes and strict quality control.

  • Resin tower

    Equipment for separation and refining
    Separation of foreign substances from liquid products

  • Reactor

    Equipment for raw material and enzyme reaction
    To maintain stable temperatures using warm water circulation system

  • Concentrator

    Equipment for cold concentration
    through depressurization
    Minimization of quality change through depressurization and cold concentration

  • UHT

    Equipment to sterilize microorganisms instantaneously at high temperature
    Instantaneous sterilization of viscous products at
    high temperature (123℃)

  • Automatic packing machine

    Equipment to package particles and
    powder automatically
    To prevent contamination by microorganisms
    Packing into various weights (1 Kg - 20 Kg)

  • Dryer

    Equipment for drying liquid into particles or powder
    The drying capacity using three dryers of 350 Kg/Hr, 250 Kg/Hr, and 130 Kg/Hr
    For drying particles and powders and to atomize
    using a grinding machine.

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